Tiles of Europe 1-Year Comprehensive Guarantee

Tiles of Europe assures that its manufactured products will remain free from defects for a period of one year following the purchase date. A defect is identified as any failure of the product to meet the specifications outlined in Tiles of Europe's published literature, within the acceptable variances set by standard national industry norms. THIS EXPRESS WARRANTY OF ONE YEAR IS THE EXCLUSIVE WARRANTY OFFERED AND SUPERSEDES ANY LEGAL WARRANTIES TO THE FULLEST EXTENT PERMITTED BY LAW. This warranty does not cover customer mishandling, including but not limited to negligence, physical, or chemical damage. Installation-related defects are also not covered under this warranty. All claims under this warranty must be reported without delay. Neglecting to report any claim within a 30-day window following the discovery of a defect will invalidate this warranty. Prior to installation, all products should be examined. Any visual defects or inconsistencies noticed before installation will render this warranty null and void.

Variations in technical specifications, including DCOF, are a natural occurrence due to the inherent differences in raw materials and the production process. Stated technical specifications are not a guarantee of exact performance thresholds. Tiles with abrasive surfaces tend to have a rough texture, which can pose cleaning challenges as dirt and other substances can become embedded. Extra care is necessary to ensure these contaminants are removed efficiently. Unless specified otherwise, tiles suggested for floor or wall applications are meant for indoor use only. Tiles of Europe does not endorse its products for ceiling or roof applications. Local building regulations may dictate the minimum performance requirements for tiles. Tiles of Europe does not guarantee the compliance of its products with any building codes. Variations between photographic color representations and the actual product may occur. Product samples are only indicative of the actual product. Explicit guarantees of color matching are only provided with actual product samples.

Other Tiles of Europe Guarantees Duration and Scope of Implied Guarantees

Any implicit guarantee associated with the sale of the product, including the implied warranties of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose, is limited to the duration of this written warranty or the legal statutory period, whichever is shorter. Some jurisdictions may not permit limitations on how long an implied warranty lasts, so the aforementioned limitation may not apply in such cases.

The Federal Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act restricts the disclaiming of implied warranties for consumer products. To the fullest extent permissible under federal and state laws, this warranty enhances or supersedes federal and state consumer goods warranty rights.

Implied Guarantee of Suitability for a Specific Purpose

Tiles of Europe provides comprehensive information in its product literature regarding suitable applications for its tile and stone products. For these recommended applications, Tiles of Europe limits the duration of the implied warranty of suitability for a specific purpose to one year or the legally mandated maximum period, whichever is shorter. Not adhering to recommended applications nullifies this warranty.

Natural stone products, being mined and cut from natural sources, are not subjected to manufacturing processes. Hence, quality guarantees are limited to the descriptions provided in product literature and standards set by the Marble Institute of America. Tiles of Europe does not extend warranties for natural stone products concerning shade, size, thickness, warping, cleft variations, surface finish differences, or other natural inconsistencies.

Limitation and Exclusion of Remedies

Should a material or craftsmanship defect be discovered within the one-year period, Tiles of Europe will either refund the product's price or offer a replacement after a reasonable number of attempts to rectify the product defects. The purchaser's remedy is restricted to the replacement or repair of the defective item. No indirect (such as lost profits) or incidental damages can be claimed. Tiles of Europe renounces all express warranties not explicitly stated in this limited express warranty. Any representations made during the sale of this product that differ from this warranty's terms are invalid and should be reported to Tiles of Europe immediately 302-527-6648

Legal Notice: Warning - Tile and installation products may contain chemicals known in the state of California to cause cancer, birth defects, reproductive harm, respiratory issues, or other health hazards. For detailed information on chemical content, obtain an MSDS at TilesOfEurope.com or contact Tiles of Europe at 302-527-6648 TO FILE A CLAIM

  1. The original buyer must inform a Tiles of Europe Sales Service Center or an authorized representative in writing within 30 days of discovering any defect.

  2. Following notification, Tiles of Europe or an authorized representative will inspect and/or test the product for defects and complete a Product Claim Action form. No claim will be honored without a product inspection by Tiles of Europe or an authorized representative.

  3. Once it is determined that the product defect claim is valid, Tiles of Europe will inform the purchaser in writing. Tiles of Europe reserves the right to repair, replace, or refund the original purchase, at its sole discretion.