Jagged Trowel

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Jagged Trowel

SKU: 72949
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The open RUBIFLEX handle and combs have an aluminum core of great lightness and strength.

Fixation between core and sheet is very rigid and is carried out by means of pressure bolts that once assembled are impossible to dismantle without endangering the integrity of the tool.

Trowels and combs with open RUBIFLEX handle have a special steel sheet of high wear resistance with protection against corrosion by colorless varnish (STEEL).

There are also models with the special stainless steel sheet with high wear resistance (INOX).

One of the particularities of all RUBI trowels and combs is the perfect flatness of its sheet.

All the models of trowels and combs in this range have the exclusive RUBIFLEX two textures ergonomic handle with a greater grip.

The models of trowels and combs with the open handle facilitate their control at the moment of the application of the material. One of the features that so much likes the professional ceramic tile setter, is this type of handle, is that thanks to its opening, the tool can be hung from the edge of the bucket, carrycot or any other container in which the material is located. Apply. This allows you to have the trowel or the comb always at hand and clean.

Another aspect of the RUBI range of trowels and combs stands out from the rest, is the wide range of models and sizes of teeth.

In the application of adhesives for the installation of ceramic tile, always keep in mind the opening and adjustment times of each manufacturer.

In addition, as part of the strategy, RUBI continuously researches according to the evolution of the materials and based on the requirements received by the main ceramic tile manufacturers from around the world, from the approximately 30,000 RUBI distributors, and from the most of 40,000 registered end users in the Club RUBI. Thanks to all this, RUBI makes the most complete and adapted range of tools on the market available to the professional ceramic tile setter. Everything that is needed for all phases of the installation of ceramic tile.


  • Extremely light, high resistance aluminum reinforcement.
  • Highly rigid joint between the reinforcement and the plate.
  • Steel plate special high wear resistance with corrosion protection by clear coat.(STEEL)
  • Stainless steel plate special high wear resistance (INOX)
  • Ergonomic RUBIFLEX handle with two textures.
  • Perfect flatness of the plate.
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