The History Of Ceramic Tiles You Should Know

The use of tile has been prominent for centuries due to their decorative and functional purposes. Historical ruins from the time period of Mesopotamia can be seen with tile adornments both inside and outside, proving to pass the test of time. From homes and businesses to places of worship ceramic tiles have been treasured for centuries for their beauty and durability. 

Due to ceramic tiles being made from the naturally occurring material clay it was effortless for original peoples to discover a process to create tile. As a result, the tiles they produced were durable, sturdy, and beautiful. Though a significant amount of time has passed since the origination of the ceramic tile the same characteristics from 4000 BC are the root of their popularity today. 

Europe is known for their use and quality of tile based off of the location of Mesopotamia which is why we choose to source our materials from this geographic area. In most industries quality is sacrificed for appearance but with Tiles of Europe we have found the perfect balance for our amazing clients.